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Feeling Alive Again!

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In group therapy, Craig Arthur observed as his peers consumed “junk food” for their meals. Many were also overweight with sedentary habits like him. Craig had just been diagnosed by a psychiatrist with “severe depression.” He was told that I had a “chemical imbalance” and that there was something “wrong” with his brain. The only way for Craig to ‘survive’ was to take medication for the rest of his life. He was left ANGRYCONFUSED, HOPELESS, and holding a prescription for an antidepressant.

In that therapy session Craig said, “NO, there is nothing wrong with me!” He knew the solution to this dilemma would not be found within mainstream methods. He began to pursue a holistic lifestyle that emphasized a healthy body as the gateway to wellness. Beginning with nourishing food, Craig researched and implemented a wide variety of holistic strategies to reverse his debilitating anxious and depressive moods. These methods have positively altered the course of his life and those he interacts with forever. Now his mission is to share knowledge of healthvitality, and the mind-body connection with others who have lost hope.

Craig Arthur is a reverent son of Mother Earth and the Divine Cosmos. Writer, facilitator, and explorer of life’s offerings, he will most likely be found outdoors communing with the natural world. Fresh air, sunshine, and walking barefoot are simple pleasures that bring daily contentment. Craig currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

He will not be tamed!

Craig Arthur in fancy suspenders
Craig Arthur Meditating
Craig Arthur getting ready

“You are now in the driver’s seat for your own well‐being.”

- Craig Arthur

Feeling Alive Again!

See depression not as a dis-empowering diagnosis, but instead as a natural part of the experience of life. Take ownership of your mental health by gently implement holistic lifestyle changes for optimum wellness.

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